American Concert Pianist, Steinway Artist, Susan Merdinger

Press Review Quotes

I spoke above of Susan’s gripping intensity from bar one; I’ll also say that bar none, these are the most potent and exciting performances of Brahms’s Rhapsodies I’ve personally ever encountered. If she never plays another note for the rest of her life— perish the thought—Susan’s playing of these two works alone would make her, in my book, one of the great pianists of all time.” - Jerry Dubins

— Fanfare Magazine

Miss Merdinger commands a surprising power at the piano…quick and spiritual reaction, the highest ability and experience….”

— Frankfurter Neue Presse, Germany

She has a sterling technique, and a clear identification with and enthusiasm for the repertoire, coupled with a sense of architecture and proportion so essential to music of the Classical era.” - Ken Meltzer

— Fanfare Magazine

Cries of bravo and enthusiastic applause were the thanks this musician received for her generously endowed gifts.” - Heron

— Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung, Germany

Honesty Honored: In this era of pianists we have pianists galore, but pianists who are real artists at the same time are very rare indeed. Susan Merdinger is one of them, I am sure… (she) shows her mastery of the piano in endless differentiation. Her musicality and her intuition originate directly from her pure heart” - Jan von Voorthusen

— Het Vaderland

She was able to navigate even the most treacherous passages with a skill that made it seem deceptively easy at times, and with an interpretation that showed both intelligence and originality.” - Richard Karpen

— World Art and Craft Magazine

A genuinely honest virtuoso, Susan Merdinger impresses us with a recital set as a Romantic soiree in the grand style.” - Gary Lemco

Audiophile Audition

As always, it was a delight listening to Ms. Merdinger's rendering of the work. [Beethoven Op. 22] She imbues it with a golden glow, a mellow maturity that brings out the music's inherent brilliance and power. I especially enjoyed the poignant lyricism of the slow second movement. Ms. Merdinger never allows the music to sink into mere sentimentality but keeps it on the level of intelligent reflection. Then there's that closing movement where she sums up everything in virtuosic style. ” - John J Puccio

— Classical Candor

In the Debussy, Merdinger plays with a tighter style and clear sense of structure. These are simply marvelous performances of the Estampes. She sets and maintains a magical mood here; I was spellbound from first note to last.” - Lynn Rene Bayley

— Fanfare Magazine