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Some thoughts on the subject of kindness....

" Not everyone will have the heart you do. Not everyone will appreciate you and what you do for them. Sometimes, it won't be easy having a kind heart in a cruel world."
Tony Gaskins, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

To all my kind and sensitive friends- you're not alone. And yes, you are appreciated, just not by everyone! We must work hard not to take the vicissitudes of life too personally, and try to believe in the goodness that exists in people- obviously some more than others. It is only human nature to react with over-sensitivity to an unkind person or situation when one is going through a difficult time. Perhaps the person who is acting unkindly is similarly struggling.

Can kindness be cultivated in our society which is running rampant with cut-throat competition in all facets of life and pursuit of wealth and fame at the expense of happiness? Why do good deeds often go unrecognized, and yet everybody is craving recognition? When acts of kindness and gentility are part of our DNA, our world will become a safe place filled with contentment amongst its peoples instead of fear, bitterness and hatred.
Kindness flows in two directions- the kind person demonstrates their thoughtfulness because they have the natural inclination to do so,  while the recipient can express gratitude, a kindness in and of itself.
Ultimately, our society works on a system of social graces and "reciprocities". But it starts with giving and loving acts of kindness. Sometimes this must be taught, sometimes it is learned by example. And oftentimes, acts of kindness will go unrecognized or even rebuffed. But hold that goodness in your heart, and stay true to oneself. If you have no expectations, there will be no disappointments. In the end, goodness and kindness is recognized and rewarded in many ways- both tangible and intangible. Forget the unkind gesture....and never, ever take it personally. I know- sometimes it is easier said than done, right? 

Here are some more quotes regarding kindness...sent to me by a dear and wise friend.
No act of kindness,
no matter how small,
is ever wasted.
-- Aesop
Blessed is he who speaks a kindness;
thrice blessed is he who repeat it.
-- Arabian proverb
Kindness is difficult to give away because
it keeps coming back.
-- Church billboard in Louisiana
Kindness is the language
which the deaf can hear and
the blind can see.
-- Mark Twain
Perfect kindness acts
without thinking kindness.
-- Lao Tzu
Be kind, for everyone you meet
Is fighting a hard battle.
-- Plato
Be kind whenever possible.
It is always possible.
-- Dalai Lama


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